Biography - Marina Gadonneix 

Marina Gadonneix is a French artist who graduated from the National School of Photography in Arles in

2002. Her work weaves a complex link between documentary and fiction through images of places given over to temporary neglect. In each series, the artist explores the startling transition of the landscape from a rugged territory to a fantastical image, or from a form of evidence of reality to its most metaphorical mental construction. Marina Gadonneix’s photographs play with the encounter of document, simulation and fiction. Gadonneix is interested in the projection of the individual’s imagination onto specific fictional spaces, in other words spaces for inhabitation by props, imagery and imagination. Deserted places and interiors create a rather disturbing atmosphere where the boundary between real objects and fictitious incidents becomes blurred. Film sets with green or blue backgrounds, a “house that burns everyday” for firemen to practice on, studios for the photographic reproduction of artworks, scientific labs for the reconstitution of physical phenomena—She does not seek to document or produce a topology of these spaces. On the contrary, she brings out their capacity to inducemental images. Consequently, she photographs them empty of any human presence or activity. What this artist wants to make us see is not the image she shows us but the image that surpasses it in our mind. With that intention she provides a few clues, like the forms produced by the function of these places or a title that can be read as a caption. Gadonneix also likes to show imagination crashing into reality or real situations where fiction has already broken in. The protocol and order that mark each series are also propitious for creating disorder. Gadonneix knows how to turn her methodicalness against itself. For Phénomènes, a series begun in 2014, she uses a list of words that call up images— avalanche, tornado, thunder, etc.— that she contrasts with the reality of laboratory reconstitutions. In short, Gadonneix’s method involves not so much variation on a theme as displacements and reversals. The coherence of her series facilitates dialogue between them. This coherence is sustained by a minimalist aesthetics whether in an intense, luminous colors or black and whitish.The technical mastery Gadonneix displays in her work is coupled with an ability to let things get out of hand.

Her work has appeared in numerous solo and group shows both in France and internationally including Phillips de Pury, New York, 2008; Centre photographique d’Ile-de-France, Pontault Combault, 2014; Rencontres internationales de la photographie d’Arles, 2012 and 2019; La Box, Bourges, 2015 ; Le Point Du Jour (2016)..... 


In 2006 she was awarded the HSBC photographic prize and in 2018 she has been awarded by the Luma Dummy Award. She recently published four books, the House that burns everyday ( 2012) Landscapes ( 2012), After the image (2014) and Phenomena, with RVB BOOKS editions.She lives and works in Paris and she is represented by Galerie Christophe Gaillard (Paris)