sept 27
phénomènes matinales de France Culture
sept 27
New exhibition
The exhibition Phénomena is going to Montreal Opening on the 4th of October at the museum of contemporary art, La joliette.
sept 27
new acquisitions
Very Proud that some of my pictures from Landscapes and after the image are part of the Centre George Pompidou Collection.
sept 27
Some of us
an overview of the French art scene Curator: Jérôme Cotinet-Alphaize & Marianne Derrien
sept 27
new book, Phénomènes, RVB BOOKS
Phénomènes RVB BOOKS texts : Béatrice Gross, Audrey Illouz, Sally Bonn Graphism design : RVB, Florian Brenmann, GR20 23 x 30 cm Soft Cover Dust Jacket 240 pages 102 color photographs Price : 38 €
sept 27
Phénomènes Arles 2019
La mécanique générale,les rencontres d’arles 2019 Commissariat : Béatrice Gross Scenographie : Cécile Degos
août 27
les cahier d’été – Phénomènes, texte Isabelle Gratard
juil 27
le monde – arles 2019
merci à Claire Guillot pour son beau papier
fév 27
Science of fiction
A part of my new work phenomena is going to be shown in a collective exhibition at the centre photographique de Rouen. Curator: Raphaelle Stopin
juil 03
Panorama Institut Français Palais de Tokyo
Niagara Falls, Landscapes, 2012[/caption]Panorama 18 July 2018
juil 03
Dummy Book Award / Fondation Luma / Les rencontres d’arles
this is an honor to be nominated in the short list this year for the dumy book Award with my project Phénomènes. PROJETS PRÉ-SÉLECTIONNÉS POUR LE DUMMY BOOK AWARD 2018: 42.334N, 13.334E, Mario CAPRIOTTI アメリカ(Amerika), Max Ernst STOCKBURGER Alexander, Michal SIAREK Daddy Cool, Martin MAGNTORN Echo, Angeniet BERKERS Forain, Kaffers en Boerin, Siska VANDECASTEELE Hereafter, Federico CLAVARINO Index G, Piergiorgio CASOTTI et Emanuele BRUTTI Lost Island, Alexandre GUIRKINGER Most Were Silent, Vittorio MORTAROTTI et Anush HAMZEHIAN One-Car-Bazaar, Kevin KUNSTADT Phenomenes, Marina GADONNEIX Phoenicia: Irrational catalogue, Alfonso MORAL RODRIGUEZ Raimundo, Reading David Goldblatt’s on the Mines, Melissa BENNETT State of shame, Indre URBONAITE Themmuns, Jens SCHWARZ The Shibayamas, Giancarlo SHIBAYAMA Ways of understanding, Voodoo/Vodun, Muriel SCHOUTEN Wv.B/ English, Lewis BUSH you never told me about your time in prison, Schore MEHRDJU
juil 02
Dummy Book award
I am very proud to be the winner of the dummy book award ( Fondation Luma – Rencontres d’arles 2018)